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Mom hacks that get me through the day

This is a no-judgement zone. As a recovering perfectionist, it’s hard to admit that I struggle and it’s also hard to admit that I cut corners to make motherhood easier on myself. That said, I am beginning to learn that a more relaxed mom is better than a “perfect” mom for all those involved. And by the way, the perfect mom actually doesn’t exist. So there’s that. OK, the following list are my own mom hacks that make mom life a little easier. Please share your mom hacks in the comments below, I would love to connect over our imperfections!


I don’t know about you, but I cannot chase my kids around all day making sure they drink enough water. We also don’t drink juice in our house, so a drop of the liquid sweetener, stevia, in their water bottles is a full on treat for them. I use this trick especially on very busy days, when I really can’t act as the water police. Mama’s got things to do.


Now, I’m sure we’ve all read the guidelines on screen time and I agree it is very important to limit screen time for kids, especially under three. That said, I push those recommendations right up to the line when I have to. If you’re like me, sometimes you just need one uninterrupted moment to get something done! And (appropriate, preferably education-based, but not always) cartoons are a lifesaver in those moments.


I actually learned this trick from another mom who would actually load her baby’s bottle with cereal to make sure the baby’s tummy was nice and full before bed time. There are so many factors that contribute to night time wakings and a hungry tummy is one of them. So whenever my toddler is in a sleep regression, I tend to slip him some extra carbs at dinner and it usually does the trick.


My very wise Internal Physical Therapist once told me, “when things are overwhelming, it’s time to let your standards slide. You wouldn’t do these things all the time, but sometimes you need to, for your mental health.” She was talking about cutting corners wherever possible to reserve energy for the heavy load of motherhood. Things like not cooking and using paper plates and other disposables were some of her tips. It irks me to contribute any unnecessary waste to our poor planet, but sometimes, when I’m desperate and washing one more dish might just send me over the edge, I reach for the paper plates. On those days, it’s such a relief to have an empty sink at the end of the night.


I am a big proponent of whole foods and allowing your kids to taste and choose from a large variety of fruits and vegetables. However… It's a LOT of work to make sure they’re getting all the nutrients their growing bodies need. It could be a full time job in and of itself! That’s why, in addition to serving whole fruits, veggies and vegan proteins, I also like to jam-pack a smoothie bowl for breakfast or snack with a ton of vegetables, protein and some healthy fats. I know those boxes are checked, and if they try and dislike something I serve during the rest of the day, I don’t sweat it.


Julie Trickett
Julie Trickett
Aug 30, 2021

In love with everyone of these. Particularly the stevia Idea. I usually measure out 4oz of juice for mine and add 12 Oz of water. It has definitely gotten harder keeping his diet sugar free as he enters school.

Aug 30, 2021
Replying to

Hi Julie!! I hear ya, every single snack at school is pre-packaged and full of sugar. Ugh. I just tell myself at least he eats well at home! But I like your diluted juice idea! I'll keep that one in my back pocket. ;)

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