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Making the most of your time: tips and tricks to maximize your time as a busy mom and love your life

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

In motherhood, there’s always so much to do and so little time… These are my favorite tips and tricks to maximize your time as a mom.

Make Care Tasks Bonding Moments

  • A lot of times we rush through tasks like changing diapers, buckling our kids in their carseats and putting them to bed but these can actually be bonding moments.

  • Instead of rushing, give them kisses, sing to them, listen to their stories, etc.

  • These small moments will become memories!


  • Determining what’s most important in your life can help to remove some of the unnecessary clutter.

  • Take a moment to put all of the tasks and responsibilities you’re juggling into two categories: rubber balls and glass balls.

  • Rubber balls are things that will bounce back if you have to drop them: like cooking dinner or going to soccer practice. Glass balls are things that will shatter and cannot be compromised - like your mental health or your marriage.

Ask for help

  • A lot of us are “super moms” and tend to do everything ourselves. But making sure to ask for help from your partner, your family and your village, can help make you your best mom self.

  • If you can’t ask for help, outsource it.. Paying someone to clean or do the laundry or cook once in a while can give you a much needed (and well deserved) break.

Include the kids

  • I know how frustrating it can be when you need to get chores or tasks done but the kids constantly need you or are underfoot. So don't try to ignore them… include them!

  • Take some time to train them on simple chores like folding and putting away laundry or dusting or unloading the dishwasher. It won't happen immediately, but eventually those tasks can become quicker, easier and become another opportunity for relationship building.


  • Making sure to have “want nothing” times with your kids is so important to relationship building. These are times with no agenda, nothing planned and NO phones.

  • You can also create small moments throughout the day to unplug, clear your mind and reset. For example, I call my morning commute my “gratitude drive” where I completely unplug and think of things I’m grateful for.


  • Our brain accounts for 2% of our body weight but consumes 20% of our calories.

  • This means we’re using upwards of 300 calories a day just to think!

  • So whenever you can automate tasks, you can free up some mental capacity.

  • This includes setting days and times for chores or making the same meals every couple weeks or scheduling grocery pick ups. Every little bit helps!

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